Rachael Ann-

Intuitive Astrology, Oracle Readings & more

Rachael has always had a connection to the spiritual side of things & has spent many years learning & nurturing her gifts, cultivating them over time. Rachael has had the honor of training & further developing her spiritual gifts over the last two years with Psychic Medium Daniel Monroe. Rachael is one of Daniel Monroe's Certified Butterfly Mentors. She is also a trained and  Certified Qigong Instructor, Sound Healing Therapist, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner & Meditation Teacher. Rachael combines her love for Astrology, life experience, knowledge & training to help others move through love & light on their own spiritual journey. 

Rachael's Services:
Golden Crystals
Golden Chakra



— Lance

The Oracle reads are spot on n help give some solid perspective on how to move forward.

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